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Shopping, Sodium, and Painting…?

Weird combo post. I know. Enjoy 😉


Last week we got to go to a wholesale supplier for our business! It was way fun and really cool to see their showroom. It was mostly home decor items which was different than other things we’ve looked at for our boxes.  I love the inspiring quotes on the signs and fun designs on everything. We had fun, and can’t wait to get this stuff out to customers!



I am still working on cutting down on sodium. I haven’t been swelling at all since my appointment. I got organic whole yogurt, sour cream, and cream cheese that I’ve been eating with toast or fruit. That has seemed to help a lot. I also have been mixing cucumber with my water, eating watermelon, and eating more eggs and avocado. Coconut water also seems to help. If I’ve eaten out, it’s been salad with minimal dressing (Wendy’s has awesome salads right now with really good dressings that are better for you than standard restaurant dressings). We bought some good chicken at the grocery store that has way less sodium, and, although I have to cook separate meals for me and my husband, I feel better eating it and knowing it’s better for me than Walmart Great Value or whatever. So, the sodium journey continues.


So, this may be totally weird, but I really enjoy painting miniatures for board games. I haven’t busted the stuff out to do it since we moved 6 months ago, so I figured it’s time. We had started working on the Orc pieces from Arcadia Quest, so I figured I’d keep on going with them. There’s a bunch of them, but instead of doing multiples at a time, I think I prefer to spend time on just one until it’s done. I think it’ll be fun to maybe mix up some of the colors and stuff, too. Here’s how he ended up last night after I got all the colors on. Now it’ll just be a matter of going back and cleaning up the details. Have a good week everyone!


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Haven’t seen you here for a while…

Well for goodness sakes. I sure fell off the bandwagon, eh?! A lot has been happening. So. Let’s get started.

I quit my job. Straight up. My husband and I felt like it was the right time and sold our house. Guess what happened right then- we found out I was pregnant! No wonder we felt like we needed a change! We have been married almost 10 years and I have worked the entire time. We were wanting to wait to have kids until we could get me in the home to be a stay at home mom while Spencer provided. It just never worked out. Spencer started school last year with Pathway through BYU-Idaho, and is beginning his full time online school this fall. We have the baby coming in October. So what do we do next?

Well, let’s start a business. You’ll see some of it here on the blog, as I am going to be shifting my writing a little from always healthy to an actual “what it’s like to quit full time working, start a family, and start a business” type feel. The business is called Latter Day Box. We are an LDS(Mormon) family and felt like it’d be awesome for there to be a subscription box available to LDS families that had inspiring and uplifting stuff in it. So, once a month we plan on getting books, jewelry, home decor, and more, to put in the box. We already have a list of awesome suppliers we’re working with. We are super excited.

What else has been happening? I’m still trying to eat healthy, especially with a baby growing. It was really hard in the first trimester because, well, hello morning sickness! I was just trying to eat anything I could keep down. Now I am 26 weeks and feeling pretty good. One thing I didn’t realize I ate so much of was sodium! That stuff is in everything! I have had some swelling recently so my last appointment I got a good talking to about cutting down on the sodium. I can do that. Back to good salads with fresh lemon juice and, as I was highly encouraged, NO DEL TACO. So sad. I love Del Taco. But it’s ok. I’ll get through it, and I’ll be healthier for it.

Other than that I am walking, would love to do some swimming, and doing some prenatal yoga on lighter days. Oh yeah, and here’s a picture. Because who wouldn’t want to see how big I’ve gotten already?!


If there’s one thing for sure, I cannot wait to get the baby out and get back in to shape! It’s getting hard to bend over and it’s just weird being so big. Hope you’re all doing well and I am glad to be back!

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So I have lost 12 pounds after my 7 day juice fast, and then after another week(about) of having juice with solids. I am exercising (currently doing Brazilian Butt Lift, running, and some other cross training) and drinking shakeology every day. I love this stuff and am so glad I have it to help fuel me and keep me feeling good! I am continuing to lose weight and am transitioning into a more consistent healthy lifestyle. So far, so good!!! Happy Thursday!


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Juicing- weak in the knees

I have a few people who are a couple days into their juice fast. The biggest shock to them is that they feel weak, tired, or even a little light headed. Oddly enough, I didn’t get this sensation when I did it this time around, although after they mentioned it I do remember feeling that way when I did a juice fast a few years ago. So what is it from? Why didn’t I have it this time?

Think about your daily diet. Like really dive into it and think about what it is you put in your body. How much dairy are you consuming? Maybe you don’t drink straight cow’s milk, but what about butter? Yogurt? Ranch dressing? How about meats? Fish? Chicken? These have a vitamin in them that vegetables and fruits do not- vitamin b12. One huge reason people feel weak when beginning a juice fast is because they are completely shocking their system with nutrients, and not all the same nutrients they’re used to. This is bad, it’s just different. And it takes some serious getting used to. Some people can’t handle it, or think they can’t, so they stop fasting after the first day, maybe two if they’re troopers. This is unfortunate because a lot of fasting is just mind over matter, and most of it is talking yourself out of eating whatever it is that’s sitting in your fridge or freezer. For those that legitamately feel light headed and weak on top of general hunger pangs, many times all they need is a vitamin b supplement. This will generally help the transition into a juicing fast, and usually symptoms of the change will only last a day. This may not always be the case, but so far it’s the most common thing I’ve seen. I, and others who have juiced, have noticed your body only takes a day or so to adjust to the way it accepts nutrients. So if you’re just hungry, you’ll be ok 😉

So why didn’t I get weak this time as opposed to a few years ago when I did it? I used Shakeology this time. I don’t normally eat a lot of dairy, but had been eating some before I fasted. I also had been eating small amounts of meat. Going straight into a juice fast after eating garbage for a while was an adjustment for me, but I know I had a MUCH easier time than some other people do because I continued to include Shakeology in my daily routine. That stuff is awesome! It’s super nutrient dense and helped me lose more weight than I could’ve on juice alone, all while not feeling deprived from everyday foods. This really was the best juice fast I’ve done, and the best experience I’ve had with it, and I know Shakeology played a huge part in it. I am very thankful for it!

Overall I love juice fasting and feel like it totally helps me reboot my metabolism and digestive system to work best. I am still juicing, just doing it in the morning to bring to work with me. I drink it throughout the day, get home and exercise, then have a dinner with a protein and vegetables generally. I have gotten better at portion control and am loving how I feel. A healthy lifestyle will absolutely empower you and enrich your life!

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and have no medical training or background, this is just what I have observed in myself and others who have done similar fasts. Please listen to your body and consult a doctor before jumping full bore into a juice fast to take into consideration all potential health problems or issues.

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I wanted to do a post with some comparisons of different juicers on the market. I wanted to shed some light on the one I use, and which ones I wish I had!

So first off, I worked at Bed Bath and Beyond for over 6 years, and have knowledge mostly of the types of juicers they carry, so those are what I will be mostly addressing in this. There are a ton of good juicers out there, but I’m narrowing it down to just a few that I really like.

First, the one I have, is the Breville Juice Fountain Plus.


It’s priced at $149.99 from Bed Bath and Beyond, plus you can use a 20% off coupon on it. It has plastice housing, and the suction cup feet are nice to keep it stable. There are two speeds on it, a high and a low. I use the high for harder fruits and veggies like carrots and apples, and the low speed for the soft stuff and leafy greens, like cucumber and kale. Overall it does a great job. I’ve had it for a few years, and will probably keep this for a long time. I like Breville as a company and I think they make quality products.check it out at


Our next guy is the Omega 8005 Nutrition Center Juicer


These types of juicers are really cool. I like the Omega units because they are super low speed. That means you don’t have the heat that comes off of the higher speed spinning blades in other juicers, killing off enzymes and nutrients. It will take a little longer to juice, but these things are awesome and the juice will keep more nutrition for a longer period of time. This unit will run you $259.99. Another thing you can do in this is a lot of leafy greens, like wheatgrass. You can do some leafy greens in higher speed juicers, but a lot of times it will just tear up the leaves and not give you the amount of juice you’d get if you were using one of these bad boys. If you want the most out of your juice, and are interested in juicing a lot of greens, an Omega is definitely right up your alley. Other cool features of the masticating juicers is that you can make nut butters, extrude pasta, grind up coffee beans or herbs or spices, make baby food, or a number of other things, hence the name “nutrition center” rather than simply “juicer”. I will definitely be getting one of these one day! more details at

Last one I want to touch on is one that my friend is getting to start her juice fast. She said it has great reviews and was very affordable. I looked it up on amazon and found it looked like a great first centrifugal juicer.

hamilton beach

It only has one speed, so may not be as efficient with leafy greens and softer friut that generally need to run through slower speeds to get the most juice out of them, but should still do the job. As a first juicer and to test the waters, this unit looks like a great option, and at only around $70, definitely a great option. details at

There really are a lot of options for juicers out there. I would love to know what people use and love. Right now I really like my Breville and have hopes in the future of investing in a masticating unit, probably from Omega. Hopefully that helps a little for everyone! Happy juicing!

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I am starting a juice fast. I’ve done it before but it’s been a few years(definitely overdue). I forgot how much I loved the taste and smell of fresh juice! Excited to get myself back on track with nutrition. Sometimes you just need a good reboot 😉


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We just got this beautiful game this morning! My husband threw on the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack and we raced for Port Royale, finding booty along the way! I really like this game, it’s not too long and the artwork is really pretty. One of my new favorites for sure!

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We just got this beautiful game this morning! My husband threw on the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack and we raced for Port Royale, finding booty along the way! I really like this game, it’s not too long and the artwork is really pretty. One of my new favorites for sure!